CAKE’s First Street Legal Bike: Kalk&

A design delight for the daily commute or an off-road adventure

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Influenced by downhill and enduro mountain bikes, the Kalk& (from Swedish brand CAKE) might be based on utilitarian creations, but it looks like something from another world. This is CAKE‘s first street legal electric motorcycle (in Europe and the US) and, with that, comes a super-light ride that can easily take you off-road. Unlike its predecessor, the off-road Kalk OR, this new iteration features mirrors, a license plate holder and turn signals. It’s also geared differently and can reach beyond 100kph, making it legal and safe for highways. 

While the Kalk& will offer torque, speed and responsiveness unlike traditional motorbikes, first impressions are everything, and this bike is a wild blend of mid-century, retro-futuristic junkyard, and Mad Max meets Dieter Rams—in the best way possible. 

With the aim to help create a zero-emission society, CAKE is making bikes that aren’t just electric—they’re also products that moto and design enthusiasts will actually want to own.

There’s no official price for the Kalk& yet, but pre-orders will begin in March this year, with a $200 deposit.

Images courtesy of CAKE