Canali + PRYMA Limited Edition Headphones

Stylish, handmade over-the-earphones with Sonus Faber technology

Three prestigious Italian organizations unite for the new, handmade Canali + PRYMA Limited Edition Headphones. Italian heritage brand Canali lent their fashion house sensibilities and iconic texture to the shells and band. Luxury headphone-maker PRYMA imagined the silhouette and spearheaded assembly. And then state-of-the-art audio company Sonus Faber powered technology. (Both PRYMA and Sonus Faber fall under the banner of the World of McIntosh sound experience.)

These are not just fashion items, made to match Canali outfits; these headphones deliver powerful, respectable sound. As for the materials, the aforementioned shells were crafted from lightweight, nickel-coated aluminum (with interior cushioning). The uniting strap was hewn from high-quality Italian leather and incorporates a microfiber padding. For phone call functionality, the headphones come complete with a remote-talk cable. Altogether handsome, high-design and tech-forward, these are worth snagging before they’re all gone.

The Canali + PRYMA Limited Edition Headphones are available to purchase through the just-launched Canali e-boutique for $550.

Images by Cool Hunting