AIAIAI+ Ghostly International Limited Edition Headphones

Two aesthetic and audio focused companies team up to create a sleek, specially engineered headphone

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Ghostly International is a creative force unlike any other within the industry of, and culture surrounding music. With Matthew Dear as co-founder, it’s no surprise their artist roster is impressive to say the least. Not to mention their many product collaborations. The latest of which sees the multi-platform company align once again with Copenhagen’s AIAIAI to produce limited edition TMA-1 headphones.

The already existing model gets an internal update through a custom driver and cup pairing for a specifically engineered signature sound. The result delivers a powerful bass response with a focus on low-end tonality and dynamics which means a full sound that promotes bass perception at all volumes levels. Externally, the updated design features genuine fine-grain Moroccan leather on-ear cushions to cancel out surrounding sound, a sleek woven black cable and instantly recognizable Ghostly icons on the outer ear cups.


The music-meets-design collaboration was an inevitability, as Ghostly points out online, speaking to the points that both brands have long worked together. The Ghostly Store debuted the TMA-1 headphone in the US some years ago and each party is deeply rooted in quality and aesthetics, and fueled by superior taste. Available as of today, 1 December 2014, the limited edition TMA-1 headphones can be found at The Ghostly Store for $250.

Profile image courtesy of Ghostly International, all others by Cool Hunting