Cool Hunting iPad App

Our spanking-new interface for stories and videos on Apple's latest innovative device


The most exciting new hardware launched by Apple since the iPhone, the iPad presents a brand new platform for consuming online content. To perfectly tailor our publication to the touch-screen medium, we developed the Cool Hunting application—a free app (downloadable now from iTunes).

Pulling off a project like this takes an amazing team. In our case we worked on the design with BBH and development with Front-Ended. None of this would have been possible without our launch sponsor Cadillac or our ad network Largetail.

cool-hunting-ipad3.jpg cool-hunting-ipad2.jpg

Combining the strengths of the iPad with those of our recently re-designed site, in landscape mode you can scroll laterally through all of our stories or filter by category. With a simple two finger swipe, you can move from one story to the next, with images bordering the top and information displayed on the left hand side. Videos expand to consume the entire screen, taking advantage of the iPad’s gorgeously crisp display. While the horizontal view is more visual and immersive, the portrait view puts the focus on headlines, allowing you to quickly scan articles.

While many publications are taking a more literal approach to translating their content from print to pad (or web to pad), we chose to create an interface that best suits the user experience and creates new opportunities for our advertising partners. For Cadillac, the first brand to leverage our custom, single-sponsor approach, we worked with BBH to create a section that contains weekly updates of iPad-only Cool Hunting stories, advertorial and content specifically about the CTS-V Coupe.


Available for free from iTunes, we couldn’t be more excited about the application and the seemingly endless possibilities presented by the iPad.