The essential wine app for amateurs, enthusiasts and wine professionals alike

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Whether you’re on the spot with the wine menu or looking up at hundreds of bottles from dozens of countries on the shelves at the local wine shop, the pressure of choosing the right wine is on. There aren’t many consumer industries that buyers actively participate in while simultaneously knowing so little about what they’re getting into. But the days of taking a shot in the dark—choosing the wine with the prettiest label or most interesting name—are over. Delectable, an app that’s been in the works for over a year now, is aiming to change this wine culture blindspot, and has made serious strides since their iOS7 update. Delectable is changing the way users enjoy and explore wine—no matter who you are or how much experience you have.

Delectable is designed to help map the wines you’ve liked (and disliked) and from there, help discover more wines similar to ones you’ve rated highly. The sophistication of Delectable’s cataloging is far-reaching for amateurs and pros alike. The app’s easily understood design and remarkably speedy wine database make adding wines something fun—and it actually makes you want to keep buying wines, checking off countries and regions as you go. Simply take a photo of the label and Delectable takes care of filling in the rest of its information—complete with region, year and winery details. With a cellaring feature on the way, Delectable will keep track of your stock and add more to it as you get better and better with your wine fancies.

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“Everything we build at Delectable is to help and delight wine drinkers of all stripes,” says founder and CEO Alex. “There are certainly nuances of interests and behaviors that vary according to one’s level of wine knowledge and taste preference, but the challenges and solutions are equally applicable to all.” For the Delectable team, the issues with the wine industry have a technological solution. If there’s one thing they’ve learned, it’s that wine is meant to be shared—in all senses and scales of the word. This social aspect makes Delectable especially engaging. On the app, check out what your Delectable friends are loving elsewhere, see if it’s a good match for you and add it to your wish-list. Even better: Move it from your wish-list to the cart and order it straight from the app to have it delivered to your doorstep.

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To help encourage use of—and make the most of—the delivery feature, Delectable plans to provide its users with wine exclusives. “We’ve been working closely with top wineries, importers and retailers to offer wines exclusive to Delectable users. Having built a community of the most amazing winemakers, sommeliers and wine writers in the world, we’re able to get access to sought-after and often tiny-production wines for our users.” This month, Delectable is working with Turley Wine Cellars to offer a selection of their most beloved California wines to the app’s community. These wines are highly sought-after, and not typically available by retail. Later in 2014, Delectable plans to take social to the next level, adding events and tastings to the social map, bringing together wine, friends, consumers and distributers, as well as all manners of winemakers and enthusiasts.

Delectable is available for download from the app store for free.

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