Equinox Fitness Clubs: Using Technology to Improve Your Workouts

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How many gyms do you know with a full time internal team that focuses on bringing technology into your workouts? We sat down with Daniel Rath, Equinox Fitness Clubs' Director of Internet Services, to learn about their current and future technology efforts.

Equinox recognizes that all elements of their clubs play a role in your experience as a member. MYEQ, a Web and iPhone platform, allows Equinox members to easily see what's going on at a club, but it also allows them to track their visits and progress. You can reserve a bike in a spinning class, or export your favorite classes into your calendar application. Our favorite function is digital check in—no need for a card or fob, simply flash your member code on your iPhone when you walk into the club. You can also listen to Equinox-curated music mixes so you can workout to your own beat.

We can't tell you about all of the programs they are working on, but you can expect to see some major evolution to their site and iPhone app. We can tell you that Daniel and his team are thinking about data, tools, equipment and how to better integrate them with your needs.

Technology is just one of the reasons we think it’s worth checking out Equinox with a three day pass.