Found My Animal Leashes


Found My Animal is a line of handmade "accessories for adopted animals and their people" with a mission to raise public awareness about the urgent need for animal adoption. Proceeds from the sale of each leash go to the Louis Animal Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services and finding homes for animals.

Each leash is custom-made in New England from rope that has been "spliced" and "whipped" ( old nautical terms) for strength, but remaining smooth to the touch and comfortable in the hand. The durable rope serves as a luxurious alternative to leather. The custom-made ropes feature two adjustable brass O-rings and solid bronze clips, allowing them to be used in a variety of ways: as a simple hand-held leash with a variable length, around the waist and over the shoulder. They also easily clip to a post or fence without using a knot. Each comes with a unique numbered brass tag which serves as a reminder of how many animals have been helped.


Available at Earnest Sewn stores in Manhattan and online, Found My Animal leashes range from $50 for a 6mm rope to $56 for a 12mm rope. Custom orders are also available and FMA would love to provide leashes for alpacas and other exotic pets.

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