Refinery29: Animal Farm

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Jewelry designers are using their primal instincts—literally. Our favorite recent trend in accessories are pieces that pay homage to animals great and small in brilliant pins, cocktail rings accented with bejeweled eyes and necklaces carved from unexpected materials such as porcelain, wood and resin. Best of all, behind these bunnies and buzzards are symbols, meanings or omens that date back centuries and range from the mystical to the biblical. These animal motifs may be cropping up all over the fashion scene, but we especially like the jewelry, as it recognizes these animals as a wearable totem, from Brooklyn designer Gerard Tully's gold and gem rabbit ring to Driftwood Skull's carved alabaster antelope pin to designer Karen Walker's more modern owl cocktail ring. Regardless of whether they historically symbolize immortality, harmony, fertility or even death, this animal trend is worth going just a little bit wild for.

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