Grain Surfboards


While sheer beauty of the sloping wooden forms is enough to sell us on Grain Surfboards, their non-traditional approach—skipping the foam makeup of other boards in favor of a Northern White Cedar and air composite—makes a pretty good case for them too. The upshot is a gorgeous and sustainable product, made by a couple of East Coast surfers.

After years spent riding the waves in their hometown of York Beach, Maine, the dudes behind Grain carved their way into the board-building industry with a mission to create surfboards that have less strain on the environment and a greater impact on surfing.

By using cedar harvested at reasonable levels from family-owned Maine mills, the boards are not only environmentally-friendly, but strong enough to last longer than non-wood boards.


Motivated by quality craftsmanship and modern shapes, the team at Grain just announced a partnership with the similarly-minded outfit Channel Islands Surfboards. Beginning with Rob Machado’s board for Channel Islands, entitled The Biscuit, Grain will render some of the Channel Islands line using sustainable-yield cedar, low VOC epoxy and either a glass or bamboo cloth.

You can customize one, choose from any of Grain's regular lineup of boards or dare to build your own using their home grown surfboard kit. For any of these options, it's best to contact Grain Surfboards directly to further discuss your needs.


See more of Grain's lightweight, ding-resistant and beautifully-crafted boards after the jump.