Grain Audio

Walnut sound equipment approved by the pros


New York-based outfit Grain Audio is determined to make some noise. Launching today on Kickstarter, the small start-up resolves to stand out with a range of goods to fulfill all of your critical listening needs—from the petite Bluetooth-enabled PWS (Packable Wireless System) to the PBS (Passive Bookshelf System) as well as both in-ear and over the ear headphones. Grain puts the speaker first, letting function inform structure no matter how or where you intend to pump up the volume.


Superior materials like FSC-certified walnut for the body of their speakers and headphones provide more than just an eco-friendly alternative, the wood ensures the highest sound quality with warm, crisp acoustics you can’t get from standard plastic construction.


Strong believers in the power of field testing, Grain implemented the PBS in the dressing rooms of New York’s Terminal 5 and Capitol Theater to obtain genuine feedback from working musicians. And when we put their Packable Wireless System to the test—whose compact body reminded us of a Jawbone Jambox—the small speaker impressed us with its clarity of sound and simple, unassuming exterior.

With their launch on Kickstarter, Grain introduces their full line of audio equipment, which will be available June 2013. To learn more about Grain and to hear some of the music they dig, check out their website or their Kickstarter page.

Images courtesy of Grain Audio