IF-Mode Folding Bike

by Tisha Leung


Changing the aesthetic of what a commuter bike could be, the IF-Mode, a full-size folding bike designed by acclaimed industrial designer Mark Sanders is now available in the U.S. The innovative design incorporates the benefits of a folding bike but with large wheels, ease of collapse and clean design, it's aimed at the commuter who wants to get to their destination in style.

The IF-Mode features an enclosed transmission and monoblade wheel mounting with no oily chains, dirt traps or traditional bike clutter. Using Pacific Cycles IF (integrated folding) technology, the bike folds in a single action in five seconds or less and, like luggage, rolls anywhere when folded so it never has to be carried. Designed to be compact enough to carry onto the subway, bus or the trunk of a car for partial commuting, the Mode will even pack into a suitcase for air travel.

According to Sanders, who has designed award-winning products from kitchen tools to operating tables, people prefer larger wheels for ease of pedaling and smoothness of ride. The bike weighs in at 32 pounds, and its handle bars and pedals collapse as well. Check out this video to see the award-winning IF-Mode in action. Aimed to be a work of art and a bike collector's dream machine, the bike is sure to raise eyebrows upon its arrival in the U.S.


The IF-Mode is available for pre-order at Areaware, for $2250. Production is limited, and orders will not be fulfilled until end of summer 2009.