ITP Winter Show 2010

Part two of this season's standouts from NYU's interactive grad program

The maze of clever interactive projects at ITP this year made for too much to fit into one piece. Check out part one or read on for part two below, with concepts spanning a new form of story telling to an emotive flower.


Photo Plus is an interactive oral history project. Paul May designed a contraption that lets you scan a photo while recording the story of that photo, which are then both stored and can be recalled later using a QR code.


Noah Waxman‘s “FerroFelt” combines the fun of magnetic jewelry with the soft pleasures of felt. The jewelry can be shaped and snapped together to fit any look.


Kimi Spencer and Marko Manriquez presented “Moss Invaders,” a self-proclaimed “intergalactic urban renewal/invasion” project. The little aliens are a form of “natural graffiti” that can be placed on any urban structure. If left to their own devices, the moss will grow and increase the urban greenery.


“The ITPlant,” created by Patricia Adler and Patrick Proctor, physically manifests the language of email. If you send it a negative email it will wilt and if you send if positive message it will grow bigger. You can try it by emailing itplant [at] gmail [dot] com.