Jason Markk x Staple Sneaker Solution Set


It sounded like a good idea, but when we first heard about Jason Markk sneaker solution, we had our doubts. Even after all the rave reviews, I wondered if I couldn't get the same results with a little soap, water, a toothbrush and some hard scrubbing and skip the fancy packaging. Then good ol' Jeff Staple lent his cred with the recent release of the new Jason Markk x Staple pack and I decided to give it a try. The truth is nothing compares.


Limited to only 600 produced, the Staple-designed packaging closely resembles iconic orange and black Nike sneaker boxes. I think it's the best looking Jason Markk set to date.

Most satisfying is a finger hole that allows you to laterally pull out the housing to reveal two tiers of shoe cleaning products. Everything is neatly presented and easily accessible. The set includes two ounces of the Premium Sneaker Solution, a handcrafted Sneaker Cleaning Brush and a Travel Size Toothbrush on the first level and Embroidered Ankle Socks and a Microfiber Towel that appropriately reads "Cleanse Your Sole" live on the second.


I was surprised at how well the solution worked on getting out greasy stains on the side of the sole and toe, but the best part of Markk's solution is that it won't dry out and crack your leather like soap and water might. Not just for sneaker heads but for anyone that appreciates a neat and clean look, purchase it for $65 at Reed Space in New York or online at Jason Markk.