JMC Soundboard

Art object meets hi-fi home sound system encased in 350-year-old Swiss spruce

Soundboard-wall.jpg Soundboard-mount.jpg

Designed by master guitar-builder Jeanmichel Capt with the exceptional creativity and skill he employs to sculpt musical instruments, the JMC Soundboard creates a beautifully encased sound system that blends seamlessly into most any environment. Built with time-honored techniques used in making JMC guitars, the speaker blurs the line between art object and home audio system. The Soundboard has been around for some time now, but we only recently got to experience it in person—between the uncannily thin silhouette and masterful uniformity of sound, it certainly struck a chord.

Soundboard-production.jpg Soundboard-production-2.jpg

JMC opts to use spruce that has been harvested of 350-year-old felled trees in the Swiss Risoud Forest, rather than more exotic woods that may cause deforestation. With the chosen wood of JMC’s legendary luthiers, the lightweight but rigid body—carved paper-thin—creates excellent response to vibrations, offering the listener a concert-like experience unique to the Soundboard.


The convex surface design disperses sound evenly throughout a room, as opposed to traditional speakers that need twice the number of units to achieve a similar effect. A sophisticated omnidirectional wave creates what they call a “pervasive musical climate”, in which volume and resonance stay precisely uniform whether you’re standing across the room or with your ear up to the Soundboard.

While we’ve seen other home audio adaptations available on the market it seems the JMC Soundboard provides the most elegant solution to cumbersome speaker systems. Check JMC online for their expansive list of dealers worldwide.