Merci Registry

A new online registry that's as easily customizable as it is good-looking


The joint project of real-life couple
David Rager
and Cheri Messerli,
Merci Registry
combines the cottage industry appeal of
with the elegant interface of


As a result, the wedding wish list not only looks better than the generic design offered by similar services, but also makes it way easier to add gifts from nearly any online store or a made-up gift—like honeymoon drinks at a special bar.


Thanks to the duo’s combined design chops (for proof check out their charming former apartment on
the Selby
), you can choose from five pre-made themes ranging from a playfully-smudged pastel background to a crisply minimal layout. Prices (which include hosting) start at $65 for six months, but for $175 you get one
designed to your liking
for 12 months.