Nabaztag Tag1
Nabaztag Tag2

Nabaztag/tag, the latest version of the Nabaztag, the little WiFi bunny that displays information, is here. Now communicating via sound, light and movement, it can alert you to incoming emails and appointments, among other functions. The Nabaztag/tag's new features include its bellybutton (a microphone that makes the device capable of voice activation), an ambient noise sensor that can tell if there are people in the room, the ability to recognize smells which enables programmed responses (such as alerting others that you're home when you wave your keys under its nose), and limitless talk capabilities so that you can stream audio, like blogs, music and newsfeeds, from the internet. You can also leave voice message on the Nabaztag/tag via your PC or text message for easy communication with fellow Nabaztag/tag owners and housemates, hook it up to an external speaker using a mini-jack and train it to recognize RFID tags. An improved website allows for more intuitive control of the rabbit and enables users to network with other Nabaztags.

Pre-order it for $180 from Firebox.