New Technology for Every Phase of Life

The first hours of CES 2020 were proof of technology's ambitions as caregiver

In the first hours of CES 2020, at CES Unveiled: Las Vegas, some products— either conceptual or available for purchase now—seem poised to adopt the role of caregiver, or (more ominously) monitor of our lives. Others are wired to assist in the conception of human life. While a few are dedicated to life for infants and their guardians. We’re seeing that technology isn’t reserved for the generation that has never known a world without it, rather it’s meant for everyone. And even if the level of enthusiasm isn’t matched by older generations, there are still plenty of products intended to cater to them. Here are just a few of the many new gadgets and devices that aim to benefit human life at all stages.

Lumi by Pampers

An evolution of traditional baby monitors, Lumi by Pampers fuses the functionality of a Google Calendar with the ease of a wearable health tracker. Unexpected yet surprisingly practical, this network of devices is comprised of a Velcro-attached tracking device, a particular style of Pampers diaper, a camera, and an adjacent app. The impressive app monitors a baby from bowel movements to the moment they fall asleep (and disruptions within that cycle), as well as extended activity, and even meals. It’s all cataloged, week-by-week for guardians to rely on in times of uncertainty.

Image courtesy of YO

YO Sperm Test

Sex-tech for men also appeared at CES this year—though one particular innovation seeks to benefit both parties in the relationship. This FDA-approved at-home sperm test (which is available now for $70) can confirm male fertility with 97% accuracy. Available as a smartphone or computer application, the YO Sperm Test is a uniquely personal and private way to measure your moving sperm count. This number has garnered new interest, courtesy of studies saying that sperm counts in men have dropped roughly 59.4% over the past 38 years. Plus, a sudden drop or gradual decline in your count could signal serious health issues.


A first-ever for the category, the remarkably discreet Willow breast pump can be used on-the-go, at odd angles, and even while feeding. Wearable underneath normal garments, the incredibly effective pump is silent when operating. The newest generation aids in upping milk production, is entirely wireless, and stores the retrieved milk. Plus, the strength of the suction, the force of the pump, and more can all be controlled within an accompanying app.


Contrary to popular belief, premature ejaculation impacts millions—in fact, according to Dr Irwin Goldstein, a prominent sexual medicine doctor, 60% of men have expressed a desire to prolong their sexual activity. As such, Morari Medical, a sex-tech company aimed at men, debuted a concept of their unnamed neuromodulation patch that adheres to the perineum region, and intercepts communications between the ejaculatory nerve and the brain. Though a novel idea, its release isn’t expected until 2021 at the earliest.

E-Skin Sleep & Lounge

Intended for elderly users, Xenoma’s E-Skin Sleep & Lounge integrates monitoring technology seamlessly. These ultra-soft pajama-style garments are embedded with activity detection technology and can observe changes in sleep and behavior. One set resembles a classic pair of separate pajamas (a striped, collared top and matching bottoms) and another appears more contemporary; a matching sweatsuit with contrasting piping. The innovate garments can also communicate with other smart products in the home—it can alert a thermostat to lower, trigger an alert for medical assistance, or suggest a light workout when movement levels have remained stagnant for an extended period of time. It’s an intelligent system that does its best not to intrude or underestimate.


As we raise children, there are particular items that should remain out of arms’ reach. Angling itself as a way to keep kids away from various items (whether that’s prescription medicines or luxury items), the TROVA Home smart safe resembles an elegant design object. Biometric scanning grants entry only to those with a login, and motion-detection alerts the primary user when the safe has been moved. It’s available in March 2020 in two colors: sandstone and charcoal.

Images courtesy of respective venues, hero image courtesy of Xenoma