PAX 2 Vaporizer Improves on the Original

Smaller, lighter and faster—our favorite vaporizer has been redesigned


Over two years ago we reviewed and adored the PAX Vaporizer. Today PAX Labs has released its successor, the PAX 2—an improvement on the original in every way. The general Kazoo-like design remains the same, but the device is now smaller, lighter and easier to use. We had a chance to test it and are thoroughly impressed with the improvements.


Like the original, the power button is integrated into the mouthpiece, but this time around the mechanism is more robust, having fewer moving parts. The new device also now has “lip sensing technology” to optimize temperature and power usage. At the other end of the body, the stainless steel oven—which can be set to four different temperature levels—is deeper to afford more even heat distribution across the botanicals you stuff inside. We noticed a significant improvement in the quality of vapor and efficiency of the draw.


The PAX 2 has longer battery life and the new charging system is much more portable. Simply connect the compact charging cradle to any USB port or charging brick and rest the device on top. We found that the device not only charged quickly, but was prompt in heating up once turned on.


Measuring 25% smaller than the original and slightly lighter, the device feels significantly more robust. PAX Labs must agree, as they’re offering a ten-year warranty on the new model.

Shipping on 2 April 2015, the PAX 2 is now available for pre-order and will cost $280.

Images by Josh Rubin