Emerald Pax

Ploom adds the color of everyone's favorite herbal remedy to their range of portable vaporizers


As the official color of living plants, green is a highly appropriate hue for Ploom to choose as the latest shade for their kazoo-shaped vaporizer, the Pax. The San Francisco-based tobacco start-up launched the convenient, portable smoking device nearly a year ago in basic black, purple and blue, and it quickly gained traction as a healthier alternative to traditional ways to toke. The new metallic emerald green color—which will sell online starting today—is both an enticing new color and a subtle nod to what’s inside its tiny but cavernous chamber.

We’ve been using the electronic Pax vaporizer since its inception and have come to rely on it as a discreet way to imbibe, especially when on the move. Avid users will notice that like a glass pipe, the Pax does eventually become riddled with resin, but Ploom smartly includes a little lube for the mouthpiece and a few pipe cleaners to get things rolling again.

Pick up Ploom’s new emerald green Pax for $249.

Photo by Karen Day