Ploom's high-tech way to enjoy a healthy toke anywhere life takes you


Shaped like a little kazoo, the Pax vaporizer is undoubtedly music to any concerned smoker’s ears, even without any actual instrumental capability. The ingenious gadget—created by San Francisco tobacco upstart Ploom—not only provides a healthier way to inhale plant-derived vapors, but it also makes smoking even more discreet.

We’ve been diligently testing Pax since its launch several months ago. Those uninitiated with smoking from vaporizers may find it odd at first, but the intelligence of Pax’s design will likely entice even the most devoted bong enthusiasts. Dubbed by Ploom “the iPhone of vaporizers,” the pocket-sized Pax offers a myriad of smoking conveniences, making it an essential accessory to keep on your person.

pax-ploom4.jpg pax-ploom3.jpg

At one end is a fillable heat chamber, which keeps whatever is packed in there nice and tidy even if you’re on the move, thanks to its magnetic closure. At the other end is a retractable mouthpiece—push it in lightly to pop it out and use, push it in firmly to turn it off and store. A lithium ion battery and custom docking station keep Pax going with one simple charge, unlike vaporizers like Magic Flight that involve carrying around extra batteries. An LED indicator light on the side lets you know immediately when Pax is ready to rip. Smoking with the editor of High Times? Give the mouthpiece a quick click to adjust the temperature control, a setting that allows you to regulate how intensely you inhale. And while Pax doesn’t heat to combustion, you can rest easy knowing that its intuitive motion sensor detects when it’s inactive, and will play to your short term memory loss and automatically shut Pax off.


Pax’s clever design and compact shape definitely earn it high marks, but moreover we appreciate its total functionality as an unobtrusive smoking device. Neighbors need not complain anymore, as the vapor emissions minimize conventional smells and thoroughly eliminate all hazardous secondhand smoke. Best of all, when you’re in a situation where a lighter proves difficult to use, Pax has you covered. This ergonomic steamroller will light no matter if you’re sailing the high seas or catching the cool breeze of a chairlift.

Pick up Pax online at Ploom, where it sells in cobalt, onyx or amethyst colors for $250.

Images by Josh Rubin