Simplicitas 182 Gram Toiletry Bag


by Passa Chattra

Simplicitas's clean and clever solution keeps your toiletries protected when traveling and conveniently hung when you arrive at your destination. Most toiletry bags are made of soft collapsible fabrics which are great for conserving space in luggage, but don't provide much protection to keep plastic bottles and tubes from exploding or leaking. The 182 Gram Toiletry Bag is made of durable polypropylene and a heavy duty elastic band connected to one half holds the two halves closed when your bag is on the go.

To open and hang, just take the two halves apart and stack the top half inverted to create a two-tiered case. The elastic band is then used to hang the case with all its contents in the shower, on the door or in a closet. This feature is also convenient when space is limited, counters are wet, and you're just not comfortable laying your toothbrush on unknown surfaces. It's also dishwasher safe for easy clean.

We first reported on these in our gift guide when they were only available through Simplicitas and we're pleased to see they've made it into Flight 001 where they're available for $35.