Editors’ Selects: Anson Calder Leather Goods

Expertly crafted using high-quality calfskin, these products value form and function equally

Presented in partnership with Anson Calder

Makers of contemporary and sophisticated leather goods, Salt Lake City-based Anson Calder values function and form equally as they design their bags and accessories. Though their styles appear minimal, each item has been expertly and thoughtfully crafted to ensure it’s durable and utilitarian. With leather sourced from a family-owned French tannery that dates back to the 16th century, each product feels luxurious even as it remains understated. We have selected some of our favorite items from their elegant collection, and the team at Anson Calder is kindly offering CH readers a 30% discount on purchases made over the next 30 days, simply use code COOLHUNTING at checkout.

Catch-All Tray

Lined with French Nubuck, the unassuming catch-all tray ($175) acts as a home base for the essentials—keys, phone, and all of the items you can’t misplace. The collapsible square leather tray provides enough room (10 by 10 inches when unfolded) for a handful of stuff, including heavier items as the edges snap into place for added structure and strength.

The Weekender

Made in the USA from premium French calfskin leather, in a rich blue colorway, the Weekender ($1400) is Anson Calder’s largest bag. In addition to its sturdiness, the interior system allows for complete, easy organization. Inside, one also finds that the bag doesn’t have a lining; this highlights the material in a luscious manner.

Toiletry Kit

This sophisticated take on the humble toiletry kit ($250) is available in a choice of two leathers: French calfskin or Italian sport. Along with elastic loops to keep various products in place, the interior can be customized with extra zippered pouches. As toiletry bags are prone to splashes and spills, the leather has a patented coating to keep it protected from stains.

The Passport Wallet

While we might not be traveling much at the moment, this elegant and utilitarian passport wallet ($160) is a promise of things to come. It also doubles as a notebook cover which gives it an everyday purpose when not on the road. Inside, there are multiple slots for cards and cash or love notes and fortune cookie papers—use them however you wish. Among the many colors available, we think the cobalt blue is perfectly optimistic.

iPhone Case

A minimal piece bound in beautiful French calfskin leather that can be adorned with a chic monogram, Anson Calder’s iPhone cases are simple and expertly finished. Available in six rich colors, their patina changes through use. The super-thin case also means that wireless charging is possible without removal. Available for iPhone 11 ($80) and previous generations ($60).


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Images courtesy of Anson Calder