Evo Xplorer iPhone Case

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, the transparent case is surprisingly slim and unobtrusive

London-headquartered protective device case-makers Tech21 release their most robust design yet: the Evo Xplorer, a waterproof (max 9.9 feet for up to an hour) Apple iPhone 6 and 6s case, further sealed off from other elements like dust and dirt. With 6.6 feet of drop protection, built-in screen protection and secured yet accessible ports, your phone becomes super-safe. Function aside, the transparent back and ultra-slim profile make it attractive enough to want to use on the regular. Because accidents certainly happen outside of beach hikes and ski trips—in the kitchen, bathroom, you name it—this case isn’t a bad idea for those klutzes among us.

The $90 case comes with a one year warranty.

Images courtesy of Tech21