T-Mobile HotSpot @Home Giveaway


Bridging the gap between mobile phones and landlines, T-Mobile's new HotSpot @Home service launches today nationwide. For those of you who who don't have iPhone fever and have thought to yourself, "who wants a landline anymore, anyway?," the service enables reliable, clear reception and unlimited nationwide calling using Wi-Fi. Seamlessly switching between the mobile network and your Wi-Fi at home—as well as T-Mobile's over 7,000 other HotSpots nationwide and other open networks—makes it an effortless way to get better service in your house and cuts down on telecommunications bills. At $20 per month, the fee is probably less than most home phone bills and using the Wi-Fi will reduce mobile airtime.

The two phones T-Mobile's introducing with the plan, the Samsung t409 and Nokia 6086, also boast great pricing (each run $50 with a two-year contract). But we're hoping the future brings something a little more exciting, like the Nokia n95 that I demo'd a few weeks ago and really liked.

For one Cool Hunting reader, T-Mobile's giving away a router, a phone and a year's worth of service. To enter, follow the contact link at the bottom of the page, select "TMobile @Home" from the pull-down menu and send us an email before Friday, 29 June 2007, 11:59 p.m. EST. We'll choose a winner at random.

For another chance to win, you can also go to T-Mobile stores in 11 cities (Denver, Dallas, Atlanta Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix and San Francisco) on 3 July 2007 in a bathrobe (a nod to the idea of never leaving the home). The first 100 who are eligible will win the same package we're offering and all visitors to the store that day can enter to win a grand prize that includes the package, a 40" Samsung Flat Panel LCD television and a Pier 1 imports gift certificate.