Weber One-Touch Gold Grill

Although we here at Cool Hunting realize that stereotypes are so not cool, we also understand that sometimes they exist for a reason. My dad loves to grill, my friends' dads love to grill, and chances are yours does too. So, in observance of Father's Day 2005 (here in the US), we pay homage to one of the classic designs of the 20th century, one that has endured from patriarchal postwar until today– the Weber Kettle Grill.

With their trademark porcelain-enameled bowls and lids, Weber Grills, along with the great men who run them, have been ensuring our proper protein intake since 1952. These pod-like devices can be found in the background of family photographs from when the baby boomers were still rugrats, and, since then, not much about them has changed. They still boast rust-less aluminum vents, glass-reinforced nylon handles and ample grilling surfaces (18.5" and 22.5" in diameter). The one improvement added over the decades is the high-capacity ash catcher, which makes clean-up a snap.

Though they've faded in popularity over the years (as complicated technology has come to trump ease of functionality and beautiful design), they’re still one of the best, most reliable charcoal grills on the market. The classic Weber remains widely available at local shops and massive home-improvement chains, and comes in three colors: black, green and blue.