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Yoga Accessories


We've found several well-designed yoga accessories for newbies and seasoned yogis alike. These goods combine quality, innovation, and aesthetics. Stay tuned for another feature on what to wear while you practice.

Skidless Mat Towels
Yogitoes skidless mat towels solve several common problems: Slippery mats when you sweat; covering up skanky mats at the gym or yoga studio; covering up those ugly purple mats; and saving space when traveling. A terry cloth yoga mat cover with plastic nubs keeps you, and the mat, secure during your practice. They're available in seven colors that correspond to the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras. $50+ and available online. In 2007, Yogitoes will also be launching several new products: Straps, a modern play on the common block, hairbands, environmentally-friendly blankets, bolsters, yoga mats and accessories, as well as a children’s line and a yoga clothing line.


Bamboo Block
An eco-conscious alternative to the more-common foam blocks, Bamboo Practice Blocks (left) are hollow, light-weight, strong and durable. $23 each from Barefoot Yoga.

Plank Designs
Plank has a "More Hipster, Less Hippie" approach to yoga gear that—with mats like the gold and bronze Bling mat from their Text series of mats (right)—add a little levity to your practice. $65.


Nike Yoga Mescolisi Shoes
Practicing outside? Nike's Yoga Mescolisi shoes (left) are lined with a flexible material that feels like being barefoot. Made from recycled synthetics and cotton, the sole features rubber pods designed for "full foot articulation," making yoga safe for outdoors (or those who are barefoot shy). $55.


Jo-Sha Wipes
Created by a certified yoga instructor after an unsuccessful attempt to find a natural, convenient, and great-smelling way to clean yoga mats, Amazon. Herban Essentials also makes herbal yoga wipes, $14 for a pack of $20.


Biodegradable Yoga Mats from ecoYoga
ecoYoga makes mats from jute that are look great, wear well, and are as friendly to the earth as you are to your body. Visit their site for a list of local and online retailers. Prices start around $30.


Sigg Aluminum Water Bottles
Staying hydrated while you practice is essential, so do it in style, and do it in an enviromentally friendly way with a Sigg water bottle. Dozens of styles are available in many sizes. Check out the site for local and online retailers, like Online Fitness. They carry a range of bottles starting around $15.

Stella McCarney for adidas Yoga Mat and Mesh Bag
Adding a little high fashion to your practice, Stella McCartney's line for adidas includes this lavender cushioned mat that comes with a draw cord mesh bag. Featuring a non-slip surface and a ribbon strap to keep it rolled tight, it's a stylish option that's also streamlined enough to tote from work to class. $110 from adidas.


Crescent Moon Mat Bags
Now all you need is a bag to carry all of your gear in. Crescent Moon makes two that we love. Just need a bag for your mat? Try their Linen Mat Bag, a great solution for carrying your mat—simple, secure and it has room for your keys, wallet and other essentials (around $50). Need more space? Try their Camo MatPack, which features a media pocket with pass through for your headphones, a separate area for sweat-soaked clothes, and allows your mat to attach at the angle most comfortable to you (around $80).


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