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The Beach Caves Open within Six Senses Ibiza

A vibrantly designed cultural epicenter built upon music, cocktails, cuisine and community

Nestled into the northern coast of the famed (and sometimes infamous) Balearic island of Ibiza, Six Senses Ibiza began welcoming guests in the summer of 2021. An apt marriage of destination and hospitality organization, Six Senses‘ commitment to impeccable design and wellness complements the more meditative spirit of Ibiza. In fact, checking into the resort from atop its cascading, organic architectural form, metaphoric doors immediately open to tranquility and mindfulness. Even the neutral color palette of the buildings align with those of the historic fisher huts along the brilliant blue Cala Xarraca Bay. All of this would be enough for most luxury hospitality groups, but not Six Senses; as such, the brand has introduced an array of cultural amenities through their community-oriented Beach Caves.

Etched into the Six Senses Ibiza along the seafront level, the Beach Caves are aptly named; they’re hospitality inlets dedicated to rest, relaxation, creation or celebration. Brightest among the inclusions, the Beach Caves’ indoor-outdoor restaurant and terrace celebrates fresh, local and regional produce. Of the two bars at the Beach Caves, one is a lavish speakeasy-style cocktail cavern with top-notch signatures; the other is affixed to a private dining room. Channeling another part of Ibiza’s international identity, the Beach Caves also incorporate a vivacious nightlife venue, Xarraca Room, capable of comfortably hosting crowds for DJ sets or live music.

Six suites are also woven into the Beach Caves (joining the property’s 131 other guest accommodations), one of which—dubbed the Cave Royale—comes complete with a state-of-the-art recording studio. All, of course, peer out upon the Mediterranean Sea and provide sunset views. All of these compelling creations stems from a collaboration between Six Senses Ibiza’s owner and developer, Jonathan Leitersdorf, and Beach Caves creative director, Ben Pundole, one of the most influential hospitality figures in New York for more than two decades (from opening Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk to his Vice President of Brand Experience role at EDITION Hotels). Pundole, the founder of A Hotel Life, has visited Ibiza since he was a child.

“I really wanted the Beach Caves to look, feel, taste, smell like Ibiza,” Pundole tells COOL HUNTING. “I’ve been coming to the island for over 40 years and know very well its spirit. A few years ago I met a wonderful couple who have lived on the island for the past two decades. They are interior stylists, fashion designers and above all, they are incredible humans. They were the first people I called when I knew I would work on the project.” These two people—Alexeja Pozzoni and Diego Alonso—are the founders of diego&alexeja design studio, as well as the eclectic concept store ChAI ShOP.

“I’ve spent hours at their house over the past few years drinking chai, eating veggie curry (Diego is an excellent cook) and dreaming up projects that one day we’d work on,” Pundole continues. “I knew they would bring the spirit of Ibiza, that they would work with local artists and artisans, textile workers and landscapers. It was important for me that everything was local, and above all it had an edge and a sense of humor.” In addition to sourcing local designers, Pundole’s creative director role required him to envision the concept and use of each space in the Beach Caves and find the talent to bring it all to life. There’s “still lots of work to be done,” he adds, “but so far it’s been the highlight of my career.”

Sustainability is arguably the most important attribute underscoring Pundole’s vision. “For anything to be considered luxury in 2022 it must have a focus on sustainability,” he says. It’s an attribute he refers to as “responsible hospitality.” He continues, “Luxury doesn’t use single use plastic! We have a no-waste kitchen and bar program, we challenge all vendors to provide Earth-friendly packaging, we’re hyper-local, seasonal and encourage a healthy employee culture. Supporting the local community is incredibly important.”

Six Senses’ multi-pronged approach isn’t passive—parts are whimsical, others quite substantial. “We’re introducing a carbon offset program for anyone wishing to offset their emissions when booking a Beach Caves suite and we’ve partnered with two ocean conservation charities—The Lonely Whale foundation and Project Zero—to ensure we hold ourselves accountable,” Pundole says. “There’s also a cocktail on the menu in the Beach Caves called Los Gatos, and one euro from each sold is donated to the Happy Hippie cat sanctuary. Often people think that doing good and having fun are mutually exclusive. This is not the case. We are still very much design and event focused. We just do it with a conscious, healthy approach and we hope to inspire others to do the same along the way.”

“Six Senses is chartering new territory with the opening in Ibiza,” Pundole says. “It’s a brand with incredible, inspiring, progressive values. It’s environmentally sensitive, socially conscious, community focused. They have an incredible focus on wellbeing, retreats and off season (aka cooler season) programming. It doesn’t however compromise the fun that Ibiza is known for.” From sweeping vistas to enchanting rooms and delicious culinary offerings, Six Senses sits atop the list of glamorous and luxuriant Ibiza escapes; the Beach Caves make it even better.

Images courtesy of Six Senses Ibiza


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