Frank Sauvaire

French fashion photographer Franck Sauvaire has been visiting ibiza over the last 16 years. Ibiza – Isla En El Mar is a collection of hundreds of his photographs capturing the ecstasy and agony of this island, its inhabitants and its visitors.
From crystal clear waters, to dusky panoramic vistas and drug fuelled dancing, the book lends an intriguing insight for people yet to visit the white island, capturing the essence of Ibiza. His photography beautifully illustrates the varied island landscape and the social interaction between locals, tourists and those who have visited and simply never left. It will alter opinions and change pre-conceptions of the world’s favourite clubbing capital.
Available from Day14 Publications for £25.00.
Here are a few photos from the book:

B&w beach
Hippy beach
Mike Manumission Bronco
Naked dancer
Group photo lo
Claire Manumission Boobies