Best of CH 2009: Top Five Japanese Moments

by Julie Wolfson

A longstanding source of inspiration, our coverage of Japan this year benefited from a couple visits to the land of the rising sun. From hidden artisinal watering holes to a shining new Nike outpost, we've listed a few highlights here.


Bar Rage
At the discrete gem Bar Rage mixologists create drinks with the freshest ingredients, high-end spirits, and intense commitment to making deliciously balanced cocktails.


Higashiya Tea and Sweets
The perfect follow-up to an afternoon walking along the tree-lined river of Tokyo's gorgeous Nakameguro neighborhood, tea and sweets at Higashiya envisions traditional Japan through the lens of a contemporary architect.


Nike Store, Harajuku, Tokyo
In November Nike opened their first Tokyo flagship in Harajuku. Masamichi Katayama's interior design includes installations like a nautilus made from white Dunk uppers and a textured wall treatment made from shoe treads. The store features a third floor dedicated to football gear and a NIKEiD studio.


Filao Reading Glasses
Lunette Du Jura fills their sleek shelves with unique eyewear from around the world. These Filao reading glasses incorporate wood, ceramic, cotton, glass, leather, resin, mother-of-pearl, onyx, turquoise, tiger's eye and crystal make a great-looking functional accessory.


Japanese Barcode Design
Elevating the something as mundane as a barcode to an imaginative exercise in graphic design, this collection includes images of a camera, apron, skyline, cloudburst, zebra stripes and sizzling skillet.