Love Box


While the words "love box" might suggest a certain dirty euphemism, Tamarindo Concept's Love Box aims to be a bit more sentimental. Following their original red-and-white ceramic boxes in the shape of anatomical human hearts, they're now pumping out a limited-edition version in a black mineral-based matte polish that comes in a special certified-wood box.

Sized at 11 x 9.8 x 11 inches, this heart is meant to be kept full of love. We just wonder what happens when space inevitably runs out. The newest version of the Love Box costs $170 and only 50 will be made to custom order and come in a special certified-wood box. The red and white versions vary in price from $132 to $141.


Contact Tamarindo Design directly at tamarindo [at] tamarindoconcept [dot] com [dot] br to place an order.