Further Soap


It all started with a trusty 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300D. Out of innocent emissions, Further Soap was born, the first bio-diesel soap to come to the market. The result is a light, lingering product that disinfects and softens overworked hands&mdash perfect for cleansing after tinkering with a fuel tank or for daily use. If you didn’t know any better, it could pass for a sweet-smelling indulgence, rather than a bio-degradable feel good wash.

Further is a family-driven product that was born in a Pasadena, California home. Megan and Marshall Dostal dreamed up the concept when after mixing bio-diesel fuel in their garage for their beloved '84 Mercedes diesel. The bio-fuel process creates an excess of glycerin, a byproduct of many hand soaps. Megan was reportedly alarmed with the excess.

Drawing on Megan’s savvy beauty sense as a former events planner for Vogue Magazine, she suggested they begin to tinker with essential oils such as bergamot, olive and exotic grasses to concoct a sustainable soap. To increase their supply source, Marshall approached Los Angeles restaurants for their cooking refuse and then refurbished the restaurants with delicately recycled grease. The rest is a clean sweep. Further retails for $19.