2nd International Spanish Hip Hop Festival


Tonight at S.O.B. is the 2nd International Spanish Hip Hop Festival, which brings together some of the best spanish speaking hip hop MCs in the world. Throughout the evening DJ Asho and DJ Freddy Rey will be spinning the best of Latin and Spanish hip hop. The acts will be hosted by Jeru the Damaja. More MC artist information after the jump.

When and Where:
Thursday February 9th, 2006 8pm @ SOB'S
204 Varick Street
New York, NY

El Meswy
His new album SEMEN was critically acclaimed  internationally, especially in his native country Spain.

Hurricane G.
She’s the first Latin female rapper that ever did it in Spanish language. She’s been featured in songs with Puff Daddy, Tony Toca and many more.

Gente Jodida
From Madrid, Spain, they’re recording their new album “A por el Sobre” in NYC.

He’ll be presenting his first album “Cadena Perpetua.”

First Ruff Ryders Latino artist.

Is a Brazilian MC whole be working with Dj Laylo on the turntables.

CRUDO signed artist, straight from Spain.