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An International Weekly Publication Made for Inmates, InHouse Magazine

An offshoot of InHouse Records (a non-profit organization that offers graphic design courses as well as existing as a record label that functions inside and outside UK prisons), InHouse magazine recently launched and contains content aimed to inspire, educate and entertain inmates—who are currently spending more time alone due to COVID-19 precautions. Helmed by London-based graphic designed Hannah Lee and founded by Judah Armani, the 16-page, weekly publication is divided into “Creativity, Writing, Music, Wellbeing, Rhythm, Production and Recording, and Culture, plus a poem from one of the InHouse graduates each week.” It reaches 2,500 incarcerated people across the UK and the US. Lee explains the entire organization (some of which has been halted due to the pandemic) aims to create “safe and enabling environments for individuals to improve their technical and social skills… focusing on prisoners’ rehabilitation and employment with dignity and aspiration.” See some of the magazine at It’s Nice That.

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