Henge Docks

Connect your laptop and clean up your desktop with the vertical docking system


As one of the more useful designs in Apple-specific accessories we’ve seen of late, Henge Docks offers a smart and sleek way to connect your Mac laptop to a desktop monitor or TV. The standup dock secures multiple cords and cables in place to make connecting to external devices more efficient while enabling air circulation and space efficiency. The docking system is available for all recent Mac laptop models and works out-of-the-box with only a few minutes of set-up required.


The product of long time friends, Henge Docks grew from ideation to production nearly entirely inhouse on the back and bill of the company’s three founders—a product designer, lawyer and physics teacher. To keep the concept focused and design driven without hindering the laptop’s own performance, Henge Docks endured extensive testing and prototyping in the years since the concept was hatched—with the final product having been just recently released.

henge-docks2.jpg henge-docks3.jpg

Henge Docks are available in nine specific models to match your Mac, even if it’s four years old. Each docking system comes with multiple specially designed cords for proper alignment and sells directly from Henge Docks online for between $60 to $75 depending on model.