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Food, travel, culture, cars, art, design and more in our most-read features from the year

Every day, we publish articles that cover a breadth of topics all linked by the intention to satisfy, inform and inspire. From artistic festivals to community-minded endeavors, travel guides and more, much of our site’s subject matter mirrors many of our own interests and never-ending curiosity. The following articles are the most visited of this year, so evidently they resonated with our readers, too. Whether you …

Interview: Kristen Shirley, Founder of La Patiala

An expert with impeccable taste pens the first-ever luxury encyclopedia

From champagne vintages and caviar bumps to spectacular destinations and the nuance of haute horology, Kristen Shirley knows it. A tenured journalist (formerly a fashion editor at Elle, and a member of the editorial team at Elite Traveler), Shirley transformed her expertise into La Patiala, an online encyclopedia for all things in the expansive luxury sector. A unique resource, the destination aims to demystify exclusive …

CREEM #001

Iconic rock’n’roll magazine CREEM published its first issue in 1969 before going on to cover punk and then-nascent bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple until 1989, when the publication folded. Now, 33 years later CREEM is back with its renewed first issue which traces generations of artists and genres, from the making of The Osmonds’ “Crazy Horses” to new punk bands like Special Interest.