Box Magazine #5


Until now, the thinking person's softcore porn, Box Magazine, has (like un-thinking people's porn) been faithfully publishing in an online format only. With the work-themed issue five that launched earlier this month, the year-old publication goes print, featuring over a hundred pages of full-color photos, reviews, a Lady Sovereign interview (pictured above center), articles and illustrations.

Memorable (perhaps even unforgettable) spreads include Diana Krell's series "Fringe Benefits" (pictured above left), CH's party photographer Leo Zacharias' dream-like images (pictured above right) and artist Keith Boardwee's "Purple Squirt," which you'll have to buy Box to see. Look for the 8"x8" green (money-colored) cover in Austin, New York and San Francisco independent bookstores or get it online from Box ($13 for U.S. orders).

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