California Becomes the First Official Sanctuary State for Trans Youth

Last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom passed SB 107, a law that prohibits other states from prosecuting families seeking gender-affirming care in California. The new legislation (which was introduced by state senator Scott Wiener) makes the state the first official sanctuary for transgender youth, ensuring that no out-of-state subpoenas will interfere with a child’s right to receive gender-related care. Additionally, it protects the safety of trans youth by allowing doctors to disregard requests from other states for gender-related medical information and granting state courts emergency jurisdiction over child custody cases for families fleeing anti-trans investigation. As these sentiments and legislations have been ramping up across the country, SB 107 comes as a vital, life-saving victory. Learn more about it at them.

Image courtesy of Humberto Portillo/Unsplash