Carlos Dias: Exposição Veraneyo


In "Exposição Veraneyo," São Paulo artist Carlos Dias tackles the chaos and spirit of street art, taming it long enough to capture it on and with whatever—toys, canvas, picture frames—he has at hand. His second solo show at underground art space Choque Cultural is packed with work, a presentation appropriate because it reflects his special treatment of art. This stuff takes time to absorb because of its intricacies.

The Brazilian's large–scale paintings are colorful and vibrant, seething with the life that inhabits within. There are lots of lives, actually; Dias' keen use of layering allows each part to embody its own world so that together, you see a universe in just one piece. And in this exhibit, they can be playful, like the kid–like doodles painted over framed photographs or mounted toy guitars in a giant–sized piece.

Dias' early career was in graffiti, but the dimensions of his work, quick style and incorporation of different materials, like latex, into his work helped him break apart from the pack. He now counts graphic design in his resume (he's worked for MTV) and also animation, all with the same youthful tone seen in his art. See more images here.

Exposição Veraneyo
12 May-30 June 2007
Rua João Moura, 997
São Paulo, Brazil
tel. +55 11 3061 4051