CH Omakase 2016: Original Ben Stubbington Artworks

Four unique etchings, made especially for our customers

We were incredibly excited to work with artist and designer Ben Stubbington for our 2016 CH Omakase—especially when we came to the conclusion that he would create four original artworks for some of our clients. Born in Portsmouth, UK and now based in NYC, Stubbington recently left his position as head designer at Theory to join lululemon. Not only a fashion designer, he is an talented fine artist—one whose work we have admired for a long time.

Stubbington is inspired by intangible moments and feelings, but manages to convey a lot though his abstract, patterned works. While the colors he uses are most often grays, blues and black, Stubbington’s pieces offer a tenderness and warmth that’s satisfying to gaze upon.

Just for CH Omakase, Stubbington created four original laser-etched artworks (part of the series called “Not a Straight Line”), each of which is as alluring as the next. The works are laser-etched with the same drawing, but all four were created differently. The story behind the art is a marriage of haphazard creativity and considered process. Stubbington was drawing while on a flight to Vietnam when he came up with the illustration used to make all four pieces. When he arrived at the factory he was visiting, he found discarded cardboard to use as canvas and laser etched his piece four different ways—playing with the laser’s intensity to carve different depths and create different tones. The results play with repetition and texture and are somehow neutral while being entirely engaging.

Like much of the artist’s work, the pieces made for Omakase are a study in dichotomy: some pieces were gently etched, creating soft lines; while others were etched to the point where viewers can see the corrugated cardboard inside; resulting in dramatic contrast. We especially love that he made something new, beautiful and valuable from that which was discarded.

While these original artworks are, of course, one of a kind and made especially for CH Omakase clients, there are lots of pieces to peruse on Stubbington’s website. To make sure you’re one of the lucky ones next year, reserve your 2017 CH Omakase gift box now.

Images by Cool Hunting