CH Omakase 2016: Native Union Tag Cable

An elevated tech solution, made exclusively for our customers

All iPhone users know the woes of tattered, yellowing USB cables dangling from walls or stowed into bags and pockets. Fortunately, Native Union produces far more durable, and definitely better looking versions. As longtime fans of the brand, it made sense to team up for a limited edition Omakase cable for our 2016 customers. A special take on their luxury leather USB cable (which attaches seamlessly to bags or key chains), this cord elevates your charging game and stands out from all the others, thanks in part to the CH green leather tab. Of course, not just pretty to look at, the cable is compatible with Apple products, and the resistant woven cord means it can handle plenty of use.

These green leather accented accessories were made exclusively for our 2016 Omakase clients, but Native Union‘s range of upscale tech products are available online. Don’t miss out in 2017, reserve your CH Omakase gift box for next year.

Images by Cool Hunting