CH Omakase 2016: Jon Burgerman Sticker Collection

Charming critters comprise a vibrant set of adhesive artwork you can't get anywhere else

To call Jon Burgerman a CH favorite would be an understatement; we’ve been following the UK-born, NY-based artist and designer since 2005. His work frequently incorporates vibrant, playful characterizations—dilemmas such as “Which do I like better, tacos or hot dogs?” transform into animated emoji; bright colors fill in squiggly lines creating something altogether rambunctious (though sometimes he veers into darker territories). For our CH Omakase 2016, Burgerman offered us an exclusive holiday 2016 friends and family sticker pack. Creating an Omakase requires an assortment—low, high, fun, serious. Burgerman’s holiday sticker assortment really hits the mark, bringing a bit of whimsy into our 2016 collection. Each sticker within features a smile-inducing character, and for all their personality they stay family-friendly. Versatility happens to be one of the artist’s strongest assets and his work appears in many forms. These limited edition creations are from his personal holiday stash and that’s what makes these stickers all the more special.

While the friends and family sticker pack was an exclusive part of CH Omakase 2016, Burgerman has plenty of other exciting items for sale online, including notebooks, pins, cushions, original artwork and emoji. For early access to products and exclusive collaborations next year, reserve your CH Omakase box now.

Images by Cool Hunting