How CPR and Missy Elliott Go Hand in Hand

Whether you’re into Missy Elliott, Hanson or more of a Pink Floyd fan, thinking of their music while performing CPR might help you save a life. CPR (aka cardiopulmonary resuscitation) should be performed at 100 beats per minute, which is a pace that many non-musicians might have a little trouble figuring out—especially in an emergency. The New York Presbyterian Hospital has released a 100-bpm playlist on Spotify, so if you find yourself in a crisis, singing one of these songs in your head (or aloud) could mean your CPR is more effective. With tracks including “Man in the Mirror” and “Crazy in Love,” the playlist also includes “I Will Survive,” “Quit Playing Games With My Heart,” and “Stayin’ Alive”—surely a few doctors were having a laugh when selecting these tunes.