Jonah Samson: Kissing Pictures


In his new book, CH contributor Jonah Samson collects selections from "Kissing Pictures," his series of Polaroid photographs. As the name suggests, the images chronicle various couples in the act of kissing. Generally off-center composition and soft focus add a warm, personal feel to already intimate acts. The 19 pictures were collected over the last decade and act as a testament to the sincerity of the couples and the seduction of the nearly extinct medium of Polaroid film.

Distributed through Blurb, "Kissing Pictures" can be purchased for $32 and a 15-page preview is viewable online. A special signed and numbered limited-edition copy of the book—including a tipped-in digital copy of Kissing Picture number 28—is available for $40 from the artist. Visit Jonah's website for more information.