View Master: Diorama Photography by Lori Nix, Jonah Samson and Grace Weston


Photographer and CH contributing writer Jonah Samson's photographs of sex-driven miniatures on display at Seattle's G. Gibson Gallery are controversy writ small. Selected from his series "Pleasantville," the photos are part of the group exhibition entitled "View Master," featuring photographers Lori Nix and Grace Weston, who also make use of the creepy realism of dioramas in their work.


Where Nix' desolate scenes suggest countless forgotten stories and Weston suggests the pure fantasy of fairytales with her imagery, Samson's narratives take a decidedly darker, albiet still playful, tone.


Focusing on violence and debauchery, "Pleasantville" is a sinister interpretation of life in a deceivingly idyllic town and a marked contrast to his book "Kissing Pictures," which consists of romantic Polaroid images of couples caught in the act.

With peeping Toms and sexcapades abound, Samson's carefully conceived and gorgeously executed work leaves viewers to wonder if their own neighborhoods are really what they seem.

View Master
Through 11 July 2009
G. Gibson Gallery
300 South Washington Street
Seattle, WA 98104 map
tel. +1 206 587 4033