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Largest Animal Crossing in The World Set for LA

Set for completion in 2025, the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing will provide safe passage for animals to wander above the 10-lane Highway 101 in northwest Los Angeles. The crossing will make the trek from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Simi Hills of the Santa Susana mountain range safe for the creatures that make the journey—mostly mountain lions, but also “coyotes, bobcats, deer, snakes, lizards, toads and even ants.” The crossing will be covered in soil and native plants so it’s inviting for animals. Philanthropist Wallis Annenberg says, “We can coexist side by side with all kinds of wild instead of paving it over and choking it off. It is about bringing more attention to an ingenious solution so urban wildlife and ecosystems like this one cannot only survive, but thrive.” Read more at CNN.

Image courtesy of the Annenberg Foundation

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