Masao Yamamoto: Kawa–Flow


In the world of contemporary photography where bigger is often better and color rules, sometimes it’s nice to see work that defies all of these conventions, but still manages to make an impact. The current show on view at Yancey Richardson Gallery by Masao Yamamoto, entitled Kawa–Flow, is a great example of this.

In his intentionally stained and worn photographs, Yamamoto explores the notion of memory and the passage of time. Functioning like the words and phrases of what Yamamoto describes as his “dictionary," the unframed photographs are attached directly to the gallery walls, creating loose constellations of pictures in white space (pictured below left). “What overflows from one photograph would flow into the next piece, and in two’s and three’s the groups would create a combined effect, like the layered notes of an orchestra.â€


Yamamoto’s images speak softly with an intimacy that draws the viewer near to explore each piece at close range. They evoke moments of heightened awareness by looking with quiet intensity at the world.


Masao Yamamoto's Kawa–Flow on view until 18 October 2008.

Yancey Richardson Gallery
535 West 22nd Street 3rd floor
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tel. +1 646 230 9610