Mister Lonely


Nieves, a Swiss-based indie publisher, recently released "Mister Lonely," the third script from film director, producer, screenwriter and author, Harmony Korine. Released 10 years after the widely acclaimed Gummo (1997), his third feature film, "Mister Lonely," examines what happens when a Michael Jackson impersonator (played by Diego Luna) meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator (Samantha Morton). Released in conjunction with the movie's release in the U.K., the paperback features twenty-two behind the scenes black-and-white photos shot by Korine's wife Rachel and photographer Brent Stewart.

Among Nieves' other recent covetable publications are photographer's Ari Marcopoulos' profile on Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys and Mike Mills' collection of fireworks drawings. A great little publishing house, be sure to check out other books from the Nieves catalog.