Lost At E Minor featured Pivot's Secret Playlist recently and now they have an awesome new album out. With members scattered across the globe (though with roots firmly planted in Sydney), Pivot create lushly ominous electronic music that seeps through your soul, steals your heart and renders you immobile. For a good ten minutes at least, as their latest album O Soundtrack My Heart (which we have five copies of to give away) proves. We interviewed Richard Pike, guitarist and producer from the group, asking him whether the making of the making of O Soundtrack was a stressful or chilled experience?

It was stressful at the start as the old band was falling apart. When that business got out of the way, it was a pretty easy affair. We were all focused and ready to make something great.

How does the geographic location of the members affect the sound or the ability of the band to function as a band?
Well, we've been together for most of this year, mostly out of suitcases touring Europe, and we're functioning quite well. We've played more gigs in the last six months than we ever have before. By the end of the year it will be somewhere between 80 and 100 shows. The old band played about 12 when we released our first record.

When we recorded, we did initial sessions in a studio then spent the rest of the time sending files back and forth between London and Sydney. Then we all came together again when it came time to release it and tour. We had to re-learn a lot of the songs and decide how to play them live.

Given that you guys are now signed with Warp, have you been a long time fan of the Warp roster and who are your favorite acts off it? Yes of course. Name one and I'll probably like it. Autechre and Boards of Canada will always be classic. Out of the new acts I love Grizzly Bear and Born Ruffians.