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Premiere: “fight it rough04” by Michl

An exclusive premiere of a new emotive track

Michl‘s “fight it rough04″—a self-released tune premiering exclusively on CH—feels like a deep cut, complete with dramatic highs and lows. Boasting a symphony of synths and emotive lyrics (“Now delusion’s setting in / it feels like sand under my skin / it’s hard to fight it / I know I’m bending the truth / when it leads me back to you”), this track is a slow-burn that engages from start to finish.

“I tend to always start songs with sounds rather than words,” the California-based singer/songwriter tells us. “If lyrics come then it becomes a song. If lyrics don’t come then it stays an idea. I have some ideas I’ve been working on for years. I really try not to force anything.” The fluidity of “fight it rough04” feels natural rather than unfinished; the authenticity of the track’s progression is emotional.

“This song was a demo that I recorded a few years ago,” he says. “I wanted to make it a full, realized song but my hard drive crashed. I tried re-tracking all the vocals, but it didn’t sound the same. Those inner battles I was having with myself back then are no longer present, so it’s kind of impossible to re-create that feeling.”

Images courtesy of Shore Fire Media


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