Premiere: “Hard Love” by Julietta

Going galactic in the latest music video from the pop performer

A collage of brilliant bits from the known universe—including galactic star-scapes and jungle flora—the latest music video from Brooklyn’s Julietta, “Hard Love” melts and pops with decisive delight. In the track, breathy vocals drift atop a bright beat supported by guitar, drums and synths. All the while, the tight production acts as an invitation to dance or simply smile.  The song appears on Julietta’s just-released debut album, Smooth Sailing, and it’s a pretty accurate indicator of what one will find there.

“I worked with [artist] Matt Tomlin on this one,” Julietta shares with us. “We met up a bunch and exchanged images and ideas and came up with this fun video.” She continues, “I have a soft spot and obsession with animals, trippy things and colors. So we put all of that together. I loved working on it and can’t wait to make another one like this.” In a way, the artist says, it’s really a moving mood board—layering together much of what she loves. And, as the lyrics tick away, it becomes easy to love both what Julietta loves and what she makes.

Images courtesy of Danny Lane

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